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Important SkyBlock - Server Guidelines

Discussion in 'Skyblock Server' started by Raj, Oct 28, 2017.

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  1. Raj

    Raj Head of Operations
    Staff Member Manager

    Sep 25, 2017

    Official Skyblock Server Guidelines
    By playing on Skyblock, you automatically agree to follow the rules listed below. These rules may be susceptible to change, so you should always check back from time-to-time to see if any rules have been changed. Failure to abide by the server rules may result in punishment in the form of a ban, mute, or kick,

    General Rules
    • You may not use any sort of client modification that can give you an unfair advantage over other Players. A list of allowed and disallowed modifications can be found in this post.
    • Do not scam players for anything involving real-life money (Such as PayPal scams, etc).
    • Scamming for any in-game money/items is not allowed.
    • Flooding the Auction House with similar items (and using alts to circumvent the limits to do so) is not allowed
    • Be respectful to all players and staff.
    • Offensive skins or usernames are not tolerated.
    • You may not abuse any bugs or glitches on the server. Instead, please report it to the Bug Reports Section of the Forums.
    • Do not disrespect any staff members. If you feel like said staff member is abusing his or her powers, please report it to the Staff Reports Section of the forums.
    • You may not play on any alternative accounts to bypass a punishment on your main account. Anyone caught doing this will be permanently blacklisted from MineSuperior.
    • Do not advertise any other servers.
    • You may only advertise videos/streams that are related to Skyblock and/or MineSuperior.
    • Do not advertise any other servers at all over public chat or private message. You may, however, advertise songs and other sorts of media as long as it's appropriate and abides by the server rules.
    • DDoSing, DoXing, and any sort of illegal activity is not allowed on Skyblock.
    • You may not post any malicious links in chat. All links posted in chat must be age-appropriate (No 18+ or NSFW content).
    • You may not harass other players and encourage self-harm.
    • Circumventing rules with loopholes will result in a permanent ban. (Use common sense to determine whether what you're doing is exploiting a loophole or not. You will not be warned again.)
    • The rest of the global MineSuperior rules can be found here.
    General Skyblock Rules
    • Do not grief other players' islands
    • Do not trap & kill players on your island
    • Do not AFK mine or AFK grind mobs for skulls/drops (Deity/Kappa on Infinity & Emperor/Meme on Empire are exceptions)
    • You may not create any malicious redstone devices with the intentions of: lagging the server, traveling to other players' Islands, as well as other harmful things (Use common sense for this one).
    • Do not use /god, /fly, or any other command that may give you an advantage in the warzone or at any PvP-enabled locations.
    • You may not harass or grief other players. This includes, but is not limited to: stealing their items, destroying their island, or refusing to leave when the island leader requests for you to.
    • You may not use underlined nicknames
    • You may not intentionally use alternate accounts in order to bypass limitations such as spawner progression, etc.
    • TIP: When placing down your minions, be sure to note down their IDs (ideally hovering over the egg in your inventory while recording to display the ID before placing it down or by taking a screenshot of just the ID) so that it can be replaced in the chance that anything unwanted happens to it. We will not replace minions whose ID you do not know
    • When joining an island, do note that all items/blocks placed on an island are viewed as belonging to the individual who placed the block down (or deposited the item in an inventory). If you are part of a team & want to leave, talk with your island leader first about repossessing whatever you contributed to the island, and only contact staff if things escalate & can't be resolved independently. While we may be able to pull up detailed metrics about island contributions, it can take some time to consolidate all the information in a presentable manner
    • Custom wagers on Connect 4 (wagers for things other than the built-in money wager functionality, such as Minions or Chunk Collectors) are heavily discouraged from being made, as there are online tools to help the player win C4 games.
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