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Towny Exalted About rollbacks and alts

Discussion in 'Towny Server' started by Sebbe, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Sebbe

    Sebbe Newcomer

    Dec 4, 2018
    I might get a bad eye from the staff and such here, but I do not care at this point. We need changes. Now.

    So we are mining our own buissness, no pun intended, when suddenly everything stops and Exalted crashes and we are back at the hub again.

    When we come back we have to face that we will lose everything we did the past minutes. Many of us has lost some really good items due to it, such as monthly tools which is really hard to prove for you later, so they will always be gone. We have built some great things in our cities - earned some great cash. But when we come back, everything is lost.

    Every day we face atleast 3 or 4 rollbacks if not more, and many of us are getting tired of this. I dont know about the other players on Exalted, so I can only speak for myself. But this didnt happend this often the last time I was active as much as I am today. At that time players weren't allowed to have alts either. Maybe just a coincidence? I don't know.

    Im not even sure if anyone cares anymore, but something needs to be done. I really enjoy this server and the whole comunity! But I am getting really tired of this now. I get nervous every time I see the chat going quiet because I'm so affraid to lose everything I just did.

    Please check it out atleast,

  2. Teywer

    Teywer Forums όχι-ζωη
    Staff Member Sr. Mod

    Nov 10, 2018
    We arent being idle about this crashing issue, we dont want the server to be this unstable. Currently the load on our infrastructure is 75% higher than usual due to covid19, which is putting all our servers under strain