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CatInBag's Mega-Sources Compressed

Discussion in 'Factions Server' started by CatInBag, May 16, 2019.

  1. CatInBag

    CatInBag Member

    May 13, 2019
    Commands That I Didn't know about when I got in:
    /ce help
    /f fly
    /f showchunks (/f sc) <--- helps with /f fly and base building.
    /rtp (unlimited /wild) <--- fucking stupid. I found so many bases with this spamming /rtp and /f map
    /mcstats shows ur mcmmo levels
    /gen buys generation buckets to make walls (can be used to grief.)

    Other commands:
    /f c f - faction chat
    /f c p - public chat
    /f c a - alliance chat
    /helpop annoys admins.

    Now for creating good cannons:
    Schematica is a good tool for creating cannons as it makes a layout for cannons you find online. You just copy and paste with blocks.

    First download forge for 1.8.9:
    Then download schematica for 1.8.9 AND LunatriusCore

    Cannon parts:
    You don't need to know how to build them, just know what it does
    (it would be great if u could tho)
    The first part of every cannon is the propulsion. It is at the very back of the cannon. It features a booster at the back to compress all tnt into one block to fire. 1 tnt= 3.5 blocks, so 8 long 20 high could potentially provide 20 chunk power more or less. This explodes before everything else in the cannon.

    The hammer goes off second in a tower in front of the propulsion similar to the area that provides the propulsion. It pushes all the sand down to stack with the slab bust. The scatter/onehsot TNT goes off in the same tower.

    The scatter/oneshot is what actually blows up the wall. It explodes inside the oneshot sand and with 4 to 8 tnt per tick, it can easily provide a 20 block nuke with a 4 tick scatter. A oneshot tnt has no scatter but a lot more power, used for busting bedrock on OP Factions.

    Slabbust goes off in a longer, taller, narrower tower back of the hammer. It goes off the guider, 1 block below the barrel. It busts slabs. Enough said! DO NOT USE Slabs on the server to build your bases. Use other things for like the free enhanting tables. Creeper eggs destroy slabs.

    The sand compression is the most important part. Most cannons that stack at altitudes of Y140 or lower have 1 wide sand comps but 230 and 240 stackers mostly have 2 by 6 or so sand comp since you cannot stack the cannon as high. Cobwebs are used to keep sand in entity form and it gets pushed out into the guider with the slabbust. Reusable cobwebs are used on automatic cannons.
    cited from @FactionsHacks: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/cannoning-guide.64/

    The red stoning:
    TNT takes 38-40 ticks to explode.
    Game Tick

    "TPS" is an abbreviation of "Ticks Per Second". "Ticks per second" is how Minecraft executes its code. Almost everything in Minecraft is based off of "Ticks Per Second", some examples being block updates, redstone, and player movement. A regular Minecraft world is made up of "24000" ticks, and a day in Minecraft is 72 times smaller than a day on Earth, a Minecraft day is "20" minutes. Some players are aware that "TPS" is better whilst running at "20" on a Minecraft server, but they don't know why. This is why: If you take the "24000" ticks in a Minecraft day and divide is by the amount of seconds in a Minecraft day you will get "20 TPS" this is calculated by "24000"/"1200". Minecraft is coded to run by "20" ticks per second in order for the game to perform properly, but we're here to talk about TNT cannons and redstone.

    Redstone Tick

    What relevance does a redstone tick have to a Game tick?

    The ratio of redstone ticks to game ticks is 2:1, this meaning redstone ticks are twice the duration of a game tick. If you're not aware, a Minecraft game tick has the duration of "0.05" second, and you could find this out by doing "1" / "20", this is the calculation of "1" second, divided by "20" ticks. Long story short, a game tick is 1/20th of a second, and a redstone tick is 1/10th of a second ("0.1" of a second).

    How It Affects TNT Cannons
    When you make a TNT cannon using a bunch of redstone to wire different components your need timings to be precise. These timings that you set for your cannon components are supposed to be executed with "20" "TPS" to make the cannon perform properly. If the TPS is dramatically below 20 then I would suggest not to fire your cannon, here is roughly what will happen;
    For example lets take these timings (not based off of a real cannon)
    Sand piston 10 repeaters (all 4 ticks) (from button)
    Hammer piston 11 repeaters (all 4 ticks) (from button)
    Cannon back-power (Propulsion) linked up by 1 tick repeaters (1 tick) (from button)
    The sand piston is going to be 40 ticks (10x4) (from button)
    The hammer piston is going to be 44 ticks (11x4) (from button)
    Propulsion is going to be 1 tick (1x1) (from button)
    All of these ticks are executed at Minecraft's default "20" TPS to run properly, but sometimes a Minecraft server isn't running at "20" TPS due to mass amounts of block updating or a memory leak. Say the TPS was on "10" and you fired your cannon with these components with the given timings, this is what would happen;
    "10" TPS is half of what is expected on Minecraft (10/20 = 0.5) and redstone ticks work the opposite way, so if the server is running at "0.5"x instead of "1"x then your redstone is going to operate in "1.5"x than expected, so what would happen to your cannon would be, you press the button and instead of your propulsion being "1" tick it would be "1"x"1.5" ticks which equals "1.5", then the sand piston of expected "40" ticks would be running at "40"x"1.5" ticks instead, meaning the sand piston would be activated after "60" ticks, and the hammer piston with expected "44" ticks would operate at "44"x"1.5" which is equal to "66" ticks. If you have made TNT cannons in the past and the TPS is lacking you will be aware that your cannon works "slower", as I have explained above.
    Cited from: https://forum.cosmicpvp.com/threads/what-is-tps-and-how-can-it-affect-your-tnt-cannons.5184/
    credits to: @BleachOP

    Download MumboJumbo's redstone world to learn about hard powering (direct into a block, having it charged) and soft powering.
    Link to MumboJumbo's schematica:

    Creating your base:
    Before you start please make sure your layout is centered, this will help your /f claim later on. It is really annoying if you don't.
    Filters: These are what you should put near your base, and they're usually lines that periodically increase in height (y value) when you move to the next block (x or z value) When you make a cannon and shoot at it, you have to be more precise or else these filter the cannon out.

    Water walls:
    These are like the border of your base, you need them if you're making a massive base. So far only sinister created a water wall. Don't be like vibe. Water walls prevent things like "cobble monsters" basically lava and water stacked really really high in a pillar. They make massive cobble structures that you have to mine in order to add onto your base.
    Links to types of walls: (times in the description)
    Links to cobble monsters:

    Regen walls:
    these walls require alot of lava if you're making it a vertical regen, and if you make a 45 degree regen (your preference) looks like staircases you need less, but it takes up more space. (I suggest vertical, because no ones going to raid your base with a puny cannon anyways. Large cannons blow up 50 blocks in y value, doesnt matter if the tnt falls). These regen, and you need turn the lava buckets into obsidian to raid.
    Optional: Regen filters (hybrid) <--- I don't suggest this, as the server limits to 4 regens per base

    Normal walls:
    These are just normal watered walls. Please water your walls. They are buffers.

    I haven't seen any corner busters on the server yet... but:
    Build pillars with water over them, this prevents corner busters and tnt gets stuck inside them. I see that people just make corner walls like a box, this is less effective in getting tnt/sand stuck.

    Make your bottoms/roofs regens, first layer have lava and the rest cobble layers with water above them. Lava over water == stone...
    You can combine 45 degree walls with these regens.

    Things im still confused about: does roof/bottom regens count as one of the four? so technically you can only have 2 regens..?

    Sponges under your base saves LAG.

    Cobwebs along ur walls stop sand and tnt. So things like scatters only blow up that area. and also it might seperate the tnt from the sand.

    My beginning mistakes:

    Credits from vote keys disappear, use them immediately, they aren't stack-able.

    Cannons have to be build at the level of the sand you're stacking or above the level. 240s have to be built at y: 240 (minus the number of slabs and blocks below it)

    Tnt explodes at above Y 256, so if your base is at 256 the AC130 motar doesnt work. This cannon needs a one block gap for bases at Y255.

    Most cannons don't work with the game tick, sometimes the server lags and can't handle alot of tnt, so the sand just breaks.

    Sand breaks when its flying in an n shape and it hits a horizontal corner. It also breaks above 256.

    Cobwebs are REALLY helpful, it stacks sand and you can use it on cannons with a one block barrel. If you have a one block barrel and a cannon box, it's really hard to get inside, even with enderpearls. On this server however, if you have a two block barrel with cobwebs, good luck! They can just /fly in.

    main selling points for:
    /axes this is armor buster
    /sword damage increase
    /alchemy more potions... Harming potions are OP. i think you need around 20 of them to kill prot 4
    /archery Daze makes opponents look straight up in pvp... and skill shot adds more damage.
    /fishing you get diamonds and cool stuff...
    /acrobatics don't level this up. you're wasting your time. no fall damage..
    /unarmed disarm people in battle. level 1000 has 33% chance of disarm every hit.
    /smelting (flux mining) but then there's also /ce book that does this.. auto smelt when mining..

    Boats in other people's claimed land do not work. When you get in boats they teleport you 8-10 blocks up. Maybe you can glitch into people's bases with this.

    I have not seen any flying machines on the server, you can't fly them into claimed land, but you can auto farm sugarcane, and grief the wilderness....

    Pistons sometimes don't work on the outer edge of other people's claims, please be aware of this when you build your cannons. (its a grief plugin)

    You can use dispensers to dispense SAND! Some factions like Tactical like to do hard labor i guess.

    5 blaze spawners doesn't equal a golem spawner if you're looking for money, It does if you're looking for exp.

    The nether doesn't EXIST. Don't make portals. Although Herobrine does OwO.

    Villagers don't have trades. They just add /f top value. Don't buy the spawners. However, they can be used for auto carrot/potato farms.

    /list doesn't show the mods even if they're on. they're in vanish. /f show M9i doesn't work either. You will be caught and banned.

    If you build a castle, people are nasty and will blow it up. please make it at around x: 6000 to z: 6000 areas, so people can't find them easily.

    Now if you read through all that...o_O
    Please unban me :(
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  2. DarkEssentials

    DarkEssentials Well-Known Member

    Apr 15, 2019
    Lmao you were banned. xD
    Nice guide, sorry about the ban tho
  3. clicx

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    Jul 19, 2016
    Great guide, last season I lost around 200 credits, glad to see someone else noticed this :)