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Important Modded Client Info

Discussion in 'Rules & Important Information' started by eldni, Sep 4, 2018.

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  1. eldni

    eldni Staff & Donations Manager
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    Sep 26, 2017
    »»——————- ✧ ——————-««

    MineSuperior Mod Rules

    »»——————- ✧ ——————-««

    Below you will find the Official MineSuperior Rules regarding Mods and modded Clients.

    We expect you to follow and respect these throughout. Failure to do so may result into

    punishments and/or termination from access to our services.

    If a client has a mod that is not allowed, Disable it since you can and will get banned for using it

    »»——————- ✧ ——————-««

    Mods NOT Allowed:
    • Hacked Clients - Disallowed

    • Inventory Tweaks

    • 5zig - Disallowed (Due to it having macros)

    • SmartMoveMod - Disallowed (Enhances your movement)

    • Anti-AFK Mods - Disallowed (Makes it so you never go AFK)

    • Macros - Disallowed (Obvious reasons)
      • This includes the use of mouse weights, tape etc. to preform functions for you while you are afk such as auto-fishing, auto-mining, auto-farming and more.
    • Any Mod that gives you an advantage over others.

    • Health Indicators - Disallowed (This shows the health of other players)
    • Damage Indicators - Disallowed (This shows the amount of damage you do to other players)
    • Minimap - Disallowed (Any form of minimap is not allowed) Note: Minimap is bannable on: Factions.
    • Particles Mod - Disallowed (Shows more particles then there actually are)
    • In-game account/server switcher - Disallowed (Since many hacked client have this)
    • World downloader mod - Disallowed
    • Raid Detector Script - Disallowed (Notifies you when you are being raided)
    • TNT Detector Script - Disallowed (Notifies you when tnt is being set off in a specific range)
    • Reach Spoofer Mod - Disallowed (Spoofes the reach distance)
    Mods Allowed or Partially-Allowed:

    • OCMC - Allowed
    • Zonix Client - Allowed
    • LabbyMod - Allowed (Health indicators & Minimap are not allowed on this client) Note: Minimap is bannable on Factions.
    • Badlion Client - Allowed (Minimap is disallowed on this client) Note: Minimap is bannable on and Factions.
    • Cosmic Client - Allowed (Minimap is disallowed on this client) Note: Minimap is bannable on Factions.
    • Cheatbreaker - Allowed
    • Forge - Allowed
    • Hyperium - Allowed
    • Status HUD - Allowed (Shows potion effects)
    • Cpsmod - Allowed (Shows ur click speed)
    • OldAnimationsMod - Allowed (When you are on 1.8 you can blockhit like 1.7)
    • KeystrokesMod - Allowed (Shows your W A S D and sometimes spacebar key whilst you pvp)
    • MouseDelayFixMod - Allowed (Fixes Mouse delay)
    • Optifine - Allowed ( better fps + zoom )
    • BspkrsCore - Allowed
    • ArmorHUD - Allowed (Shows the durability of your armor)
    • TCPNodelaymod - Allowed (Gives you a better connection)
    • Toggle Sneak/Sprint - Allowed (Allows you to toggle ur sprint or shift key)
    • FPSmod - Allowed (Displays the ammount of FPS you have)
    • FPS Spoofer Mod - Allowed (Spoofs the FPS)
    • Direction HUD - Allowed (Disaplays the direction you are looking at)
    • Knockback Display Mod - Allowed (Displays the ammount of knockback taken)
    • Combo Counter Display Mod - Allowed (Shows the combo you are getting on a person)
    • Tabby Chat/Fast chat - Allowed (Makes chat look nicer)
    • Shiny Pots - Allowed (Makes your pots Shine)
    • Batty Coords Mod - Allowed (Shows your coordinates)
    • DJ Tasty Mod - Allowed (Makes it seem like you have a minecon cape only you can see it)
    • Player API - Allowed (Needed for togglesprint/sneak)
    • Shaders - Allowed (Gives objects shades)
    • Saturation Display (Shows you when you will need to eat)
    • Pearl timer (Shows the when you can throw a pearl again) *This depends on the server you are on since some servers have a diffirent cooldown to Pearls*
    • Cheatbreaker perspective Mod - Allowed (Makes it so that you can change ur perspective just like in cheatbreaker)
    • Teamspeak Mod - (Shows you who is taking in teamspeak)
    • Discord Mod - Allowed (Shows you who is talking in discord)
    • Reach Display Mod - Allowed (Shows the reach you are getting whilst hitting another player)
    • Chat log Mod - Allowed
    • Schematica - Allowed (Printer mode is not allowed)
    • MotionBlurr - Allowed (when you move ur mouse it blurs ur screen a bit)
    • Spotify Mod - Allowed (Shows what song you are playing on spotify)
    • Reach Circles - Allowed (Shows a 3 block circle around you)
    • Daynight Mod - Allowed (Makes it so you can choose if its day or night)
    • Scoreboard Mod - Allowed (Makes it so you can remove a scoreboard on your screen)
    • Bossbar Mod - Allowed (Makes it so you can remove a bossbar on your screen)
    • Ping Mod - Allowed (Shows the ping above an enemy, or shows your own ping)
    • Infinite Chat Mod - Allowed (Allows you to scroll up infinitly)
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