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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mlam550, Jan 15, 2020.

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  1. Mlam550

    Mlam550 Newcomer

    Nov 3, 2019
    Hello, users of this forum, my name is Michael!
    I come here because of a problem I see almost every day in the server, and it is unstable moderation.
    Minecraft Username: TipMyToes

    In case if you didn't know (somehow,) moderators help keep things like servers intact and they usually have a set of rules that they themselves have to follow, and the members. What I can see though is destruction.

    1. Moderation in chat.

    There are a lot of kids such as myself in this Minecraft server and the thing that makes our experience horrible is the chat. The chat has a set of rules and even has a add-on that mutes members but what I find wrong is the chat itself. Now, the chat can go from fine, to HORRIBLE. This is because I believe that there is not enough moderation put into it.

    Exhibit A


    I was playing Minecraft after my school day was over and was mainly building though. I noticed though that the chat was being super toxic, mainly toward someone who didn't speak/type/know English that well. Because of this, a lot of people in the chat started making fun of him and when trying to defend him, I get it in the process.

    Exhibit B

    There isn't a lot of control with what words you can not say at all, for instance, I don't want to give the name out, but someone in the chat typed in, "I like ch*ld P**n" and nothing had happened to him. Not that good since Ch*ld P**n is illegal. :/ what am I talking maybe something did happen, but still I want to include this because I want a system to where you can't say bad phrases like that in chat because obviously it's not good.


    A friend of mine got warned because he bought an item from ah, which was Red Stew, and the name of it was, get this, Per**d Bl**d. The first thing is, why did he get warned? it's obvious that the moderator who warned him is picking sides because even though he had possession, he did not make it! It was put on /Ah to be sold and he bought it- I don't think he should banned for it. The person who sold it should be getting a warning.

    (I had /Helpop the person because they were threatening to make the server go offline for three days)

    I made this to just ask, what is going on? Because a lot of bad stuff for example, in chat, is happening and not a lot of things are happening to it. 70% of the time the chat is toxic. It just makes the game not fun to play.
  2. payooo

    payooo Staff Manager
    Staff Member Manager Ban Appeals Team

    Feb 28, 2019
    If you see players breaking the rules ingame, feel free to report them HERE for staff to then handle appropriately.
    If players aren't reported when no staff are around, no staff will know of wrongdoings.
    If you feel a staff acted wrongly, you can report them HERE as well.
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