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OPPrison OP-Prison Tutorial for Newcomers

Discussion in 'Guides & Tutorials' started by Crusader3024, Jun 19, 2017.


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  1. Crusader3024

    Crusader3024 Member

    Sep 29, 2016
    Firstly, Welcome to this loving community!!!

    Second of all, please check out the Server rules:
    Now lets get started

    The Goal of Prisons: The goal is to reach the highest rank possible, by mining, gathering money, trading, selling and enjoying yourself.

    Quick Money tips found here:


    • /kit starter - (or /kit "donator rank you are in") to get a starter kit including the pickaxe
    • /kits - to see all kits you have
    • /warp - to go to different mines
    • /sellall "(In order to sell, you need to be in the mine, at least 1 block deep)"
    • /balance - to check your money
    • /as - this is for high ranked donators only, automatically sells blocks for you
    • /withdraw [amount] - make your money physical, this command will withdraw a certain amount of money
    Plots, is basically your home in prison, try to be creative with your builds and use all kinds of resources.


    • /p auto - Automatically gives you a random plot
    • /p claim - This command allows players to claim unclaimed plots
    • /p clear - resets the plot
    • /p dispose - This command will disclaim your plot
    • /p add [player] - This command will all you to add players to your plot, be careful of griefers
    • /p trust [player] - This will allow players to have full access to your plot even when your offline
    • /p remove [player] - This will remove the added player of your plot
    • /p deny "player" - The player will not be able to come into your plot
    • /p undeny "player" - Will give the player access to walk in the plot.
    • /p info - gives you information about the plot.
    PVP Fighting
    Well nothing much to say....
    If you find a hacker report to the staff, don't call them out as they will turn off their hacks or leave. If staff aren't available gather evidence by recording them.

    Use this format and report it here: https://minesuperior.com/forums/player-reports.21/
    • Your in-game name:
    • Name of reported player:
    • Game mode affected:
    • Description of the issue:
    • Date occurred:
    • Evidence:
    Trade Commands
    Trading is a safe and efficient way of swapping items, buying and selling in small quantities, without any other player interrupting.

    • /trade [player] - this will send a trade offer to the player
    • /trade deny - This command will deny any incoming trade offers
    • /trade accept - This will accept any incoming trade
    • /trade block - the command is used to block any player trade offers
    • /trade log - Brings up the log of all trades made from the account
    Chest shops
    These can be used to sell or buy Items from other players
    • First row - Write your Minecraft Name (you can skip this step as it will do it automatically for you)
    • Second row - The quantity you might want to buy/sell in minimum is 1.
    • Third row - The price, this is where the money tip can help (The money tip link above) put a B in front of the price to buy and put a S in front of the price to sell, example: B1E15 = you're buying for 1 Quad, S1E15 = you're selling for 1 Quad
    • Fourth row - The item ID goes here. If you don't know it do /item info whilst holding the item
    Tokens are used to enchant pickaxes, Armour, axes, swords, spades and bows


    • /token or /te - This will display your token balance
    • /te withdraw [amount] or token withdraw [amount] - This will withdraw the amount you want.
    Max Enchants
    • Efficiency 500
    • Fortune 500
    • Explosive 30
    • Lucky mining 2
    • Unbreaking 10000
    • Protection 325
    • Unbreaking 325
    • Sharpness 175
    • Unbreaking 100
    • Fire aspect 100
    • Power 175
    • Unbreaking 80
    • Flaming 100
    • Efficiency 500
    • Fortune 500
    • Unbreaking 10000
    • Explosive 30
    • Efficiency 500
    • Fortune 500
    • Sharpness 175
    • Unbreaking 100
    • Fire aspect 100
    P.S Thanks to all players who contributed to this [qubax_], and If I have forgotten something please message down below and I will try to add it or staff can add it.​

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  2. qubax_

    qubax_ Newcomer

    Jun 19, 2017
    An infromative guide for every new player!
  3. xLockinq

    xLockinq Server Staff
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 24, 2016
    Very nice guide, I'll go ahead and move this to the correct section.

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