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Rant about my ban and staff.

Discussion in 'Towny Server' started by JerryDaBaws, Aug 10, 2018.


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  1. JerryDaBaws

    JerryDaBaws Newcomer

    Aug 8, 2018
    Hello, I'm JerryDaBaws, some of you may have seen me playing in-game. I started around the end of July and have made significant progress on the server in my rank, already reaching Legend. (bless coal economy)

    Recently, I was banned for 7 days for "scamming" another player, or so the allegations go. This is how it went down, someone wanted another person to afk for them. I had an alt, which was doing nothing at the moment and so I thought hey, free money for just afking. Now the deal was that I was to afk for 12 hours in exchange for $5 million. So i tp'd to the guy on my alt, and as soon as I tp'd a couple seconds later my power went out, causing my desktop to shutdown and my main and alt be logged off. As I recall, I had not been paid yet at the time and so I was like oh well, there goes 5 million, kinda shitty I promised to afk and disconnected. So I log back on using my alt first as I wanted to explain what happened and guess what? The guy refused to listen and insisted I was a scammer. I tried logging on my main and it was already banned. I continue to try explaining that it was an unavoidable mistake but guess what? I got banned for ban-evading on my alt by the very same mod without him even sending me a single message. Did I really get banned by him after he only listened to one side of the story? Does the other guy get preferential treatment/bias because he's a long-time player/immortal? Now, whether you believe my story or not, It's really frustrating not even being to say anything before I got banned on my alt after my main got banned.

    I guess it's time to mention the mod in question is GetInTheVan.

    So what do I do? I file a ban appeal, with my full explanation of everything that happened. I'd like to thank the staff who replied rather quickly, tagging Van to take a look at my ban appeal. Guess what? after two days. TWO WHOLE FUCKING DAYS. Van finally got around to my appeal and guess what is the response I got? "I do not believe the story that ur power went out the second the deal ended". That was it. It's the most unprofessional response I have ever seen from any staff from any server. It's like he didn't even read my appeal. Would you really believe that I worked my way up all the way to Legend, to scam someone for 5 million? I had stacks of coal blocks in my vaults worth way more than that, but that's besides the point. To think he wouldn't even listen to reason even in-game and not even after reading my appeal. I even offered to provide proof of the power going out with the notice my apartment put out about there being power maintenance on that day.

    But that's not all he wrote, he also wrote "re-apply in 1 week". I got banned for 7 DAYS. He doesn't even remember the ban at that point. I doubt he even remembers banning me or could care less as long as it pleased that Immortal? I don't recall his name, but I assume they're close friends because there is definitely some bias going on.

    I'm sure we all know that the towny server has a major lack of staff on at any given time. In my 2 weeks of playtime, I've only seen Koblob around almost every single day, a single admin for a couple minutes, and have only seen Van for the 2 days prior to my ban. Much shit and drama goes on in chat by mostly Immortals and mostly goes unchecked as mods are usually not on at the time. To think that I would be banned, not 15 minutes after I disconnected, I wouldn't count out that that Immortal pm'd Van on discord or something along that line and complained about what just happened. That's just my theory, but not getting to explain anything or even give his money back (which he paid AFTER i disconnected if I'm not recalling wrongly) seems rather fishy in terms of bias here. Guess the opinion/reasoning of anyone below Immortal does not matter on this server.

    I'll be unbanned in 4-5 days. Do I care? Not anymore. I'd like to repeat the statement that it does not matter if he believed me or not, as I could see why he would not. If he gave a proper reason while rejecting my appeal, at least relating or referring to some points in my appeal, I'd return and let bygones be bygones but he did not even bother to give a half-hearted response, more like a response that he wrote while taking a huge shit. And this was after TWO WHOLE DAYS of anticipation. Will I be returning? Not anymore. This server really does a good job of chasing away new players while almost never bringing new content to veteran-players. I mean, some examples would be the voting system is still broken even though it has been complained about by countless new players and the monthly crate is still a June crate.

    Will I be returning to the server? No. Do most of you care if I do? Most likely not. However, I do not believe I'm the only "new-player" who faces this sort of discrimination in-game, some examples being every newcomer being baited and tp-killed by the same warlord whose name I cannot recall because I cannot log on from still being banned.

    [email protected]

    tl;dr read the whole rant you lazy fk, feel free to pm me if you want to see my ban appeal if you think that I'm just sprouting bullshit about the ban appeal.

  2. TheWildSkeever

    TheWildSkeever Popular Member

    May 29, 2018
    exact reason why i quit for good today
  3. __Hope

    __Hope Cool Bean

    Aug 13, 2017
    Firstly, instead of "ranting" in public, you could actually file a player report against the moderator. And while you might find it enjoyable to publicly point out someone's choices, it still has no effect and won't get you anywhere, and you'll most likely receive negative feedback. So before I go on a long statement, you should probably consider writing a player report if you have not already.
    Apologies for any inconvenience you have while playing MineSuperior but staff will do what they are trained to do. I, as a staff member, see how the moderator could've interpreted the entire situation as a scam. And, to add, saying, "My power went out" as an excuse only makes us more suspicious of your actions. I completely understand if your internet did go out or whatever technically difficulty you experienced, but it's not like staff members haven't heard that same excuse before.
    I agree with your statement that staff are not on Towny. That's why I'm making the attempt to go on more often, but it's hard to when I get bombarded with questions and concerns that I can't solve. It's not enjoyable to be on a server when I'm constantly getting bothered with requests like, "Fix the spawners". It's annoying for me and I'm pretty sure it can be annoying for other staff members as well.
    We don't consider who's of higher ranking and dish out punishments based on that. We never have. I have never seen a case where a staff member didn't punish an Immortal but punished a Citizen on Towny. Ranking doesn't matter to us.
    If you have any questions or comments regarding this post, message me on the forums and we can discuss. For now, this will remain locked.

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